Lovia Hair Colour Shampoo Review

by - 5/18/2017

Since my hair is growing, the roots are back in its original color which is black. But upon doing some window shopping, I spy this Hair Colour Shampoo.

Looks very promising and what made me buy it? Very easy to use, no need to go into the salon. I bought it for only Php60+. I got 3 packs of Natural brown because i have thick hair. It has hair cap, gloves, conditioner and hair colour shampoo. 
It also has easy instructions to follow. 

I follow what's written on the instructions, use the hair color like shampoo, yes it bubbles and the bubbles were color brown, i spread it all over my hair and i even leave the hair colour shampoo for more than 20 minutes. 

before and after
My hair color changed a little bit but not like what i was expecting, roots get lighter. I was kind of disappointed because i expect too much result from an affordable hair colour shampoo. 

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  1. I wished you would have gotten better results!! There is not much difference in between the photos...


    Novelstyle Blog

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  3. Ive been using this product since last yr and i really loved the result..red wine color is what i like the most


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