Tosave Haul

by - 2/26/2017

It's been a long time since my last haul. I even can't remember the last time i go to the mall. Thank you technology, i can go shopping without going to the mall. I found Tosave, one of the convenient online shop. They have a lot of categories which you won't look for other online shops.

I love this Leather Shoulder Bag Handbag many asked me where i got it and even my sister wanna have her own! At first, i was kinda disappointed because it doesn't look good empty but when i tried using it, many compliments. This is my everyday bag, all my things fit well. 

I've been wanting to have Super Nature Long Eyelash! I'd watch a lot of beauty guru uses this kind of eyelashes. It's made from real hair.  Feels like natural lashes, it doesn't feel heavy.

since i always ride on a motorcycle, a cap is my friend to avoid sun rays on my face. This Cadet Style Cotton Adjustable Cap Hat is for only $1.98!!! it is easy to wear and adjustable. 

Wanted to have instant long hair like mine? Try Clip In Hair Extensions

Items were sent as a gift. All thoughts and opinion is mine.

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  1. Really nice haul! I love that bag too i have that kind of bag before and it works really well for all my stuff..

    Nanay Kikay


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