Hair Treats, Hair Spa Review

by - 12/24/2016

Hands down to this Affordable Hair Spa that works very well. 

My hair is slightly high maintenance, it needs a hair rebond every six months or else the curse will be back lol. I have a wavy thick hair, so imagine how ugly it looks like when i don't maintain it rebonded. But while waiting for six months, i look for hair maintenance to take care of it. 
I was looking under Watsons' hair section to find a good hair treatment since my hair got rebonded and colored several times, i don't want it to become dry, have split ends (again) and get damage. I spot this 80php Hair Spa, it has a lot of variants but this catches my eyes as i read 'Argan Oil'- i tried conditioner with Argan oil and it works well (that's why). I bought 250grams since i just wanted to give it a try. 

The next day i try it, my hair becomes soft and manageable all day even i only comb my hair once!! Swear! This works brilliantly!! I use this every other day after shampooing my hair and leave it for about 3-5mins and wash it. Even i air dry my hair, it doesn't look frizzy compared to the days that i still don't use it. 

Aaah. There's still affordable things that work well!

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  1. This also works on my Hair..
    got mine in Watsons for Buy1 Take1


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