Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Siennas Review

by - 4/10/2016

Few day ago, I organized my makeup and i noticed that i have a lot of lipstick and some of them where only used once. I admit that i love trying different lipstick color and brand but not even wearing it outside :( and that's something i want to change.

Here's one of the lipstick i bought months ago and just tried it few days ago.
What i like:
  • The color is not too red.
  • Affordable compare on other matte lipstick
  • Creamy when applying and sets matte for a seconds.
What i don't like:
  • I don't know if its factory defect or just my fault; it breaks the day i bought it (that's why i just used it days ago) I try to fix it with DIY i found online, but it fails :(
  • It transfer easily.. so i recommend on retouching after eating or drinking.
Will i buy again?
If my budget permits

Availability: Watsons, Robinsons Department Store, SM Department Store.
Price: 165php

*This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Good Day Mam,

    permission to comments/post/email : feel free to visit the blog link & see the amazing products & opportunity & personalities talk of the town


    Thank You,
    Dubai, UAE

  2. Beautiful color! Looks nice on you

  3. Great review! it looks great and sounds amazing! I would love to try it :) Thanks for sharing :)
    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie

  4. I like the colour. It looks amazing. Not so bright.



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