Maybelline Eyebrow Mascara

by - 12/01/2014

After looking for a great brow mascara.. the search is over! I will share to you how this Maybelline eyebrow mascara impress me! =)

here's how the brush look like. It is soft! and it is easy to use which i thought it will be hard and it is my first time to use mascara eyebrow.. 
I choosed the Dard Brown Color, i've been wanting to color my brow brown but despite of it is super black, any brow liner i just ended up on color black.
and this how the brow mascara does!! My brow really looks like color brown
On the package said it last for 24Hours which i totally agree, when you apply this mascara eyebrow, the eyebrow will like you put gel/paste on it which i like cause my eyebrow is always mess up with a blow of air.
How it looks like? :)

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