DIY: Denim Jacket into vest

by - 11/29/2013

Turn your old denim jacket into vest!! Or even your parent's denim jacket :) .. while browsing my instagram, one of the people i follow post a diy about this.. and i remember my old denim jacket, this is my grade school jacket. Yes. But still fits on me, cause my dad bought it on XXL. =))) 
So easy to do! You'll just need a scissor and the denim jacket (ofcourse). read more to know how to do this.

Cut the sleeves.. before the sleeves end/end thread as seen on the photo above. (im poor on explaining, sorry)
It should turn out like this! Done :) .. you can bleach it or design it with studs or anything..
Can you tell me what can i do with this remaining sleeves from the jacket?

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