Nurses can really take the pressure

by - 7/07/2013

Finally! Had a time to take an outfit post :D by the way, Sorry for the dark background because this was taken when i got home. I usually arrived at the evening :( #seniorlife.. This is the outfit we're required to wear every saturday and sunday.. A White top, pants and a close shoes.
to be honest, i don't get what the tshirt wants to mean. Hahah. yea, nurses can really take the pressure; temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse rate and Respiratory rate which can other know how do it :) .so, i can't get it :( I bought this last May on mental hospital during our affiliation as a remembrance.
I really need a not-so-big bag which can carry my jacket, packed lunch, notebook, xerox, water and other of my essential things.
shoes from ZaneaShoes

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